Monday, 29 August 2011

Overwhelming or fun?

Well I seem to have at least 5 projects on the go at the moment and I am getting a bit overwhelmed/excited.
1. planning stuff for the forest garden - we have the offer of raspberries; comfrey and strawberries from a friend we have just given 10 paving slabs to.  And my Dad is offering lots of things that we can take cuttings from in the winter
2. we have some wood for the raised beds and I have cleared the patio area and moved the BBQ for that (need to take some pictures)
3. have got some books to read about what to do about my health issues (migraines, low energy levels and weight loss) and food choices
4. I have set the date to start my "buying only second hand or fairtrade clothes" project that is going to last over at least 2 years - it starts on 1st September (and no that isn't because I am getting my wardrobe started but just because it is a nice date to start - I have already stopped buying new clothes and started shopping at charity shops!!)
5. we are going to stop shopping at Tesco anymore and just getting lembas orders; a weekly veg box and getting everything else from co-operative (1st choice) or lidl (which is ethically more sound than Tesco) - again this is starting on 1st September

Well writing this it seems more manageable then it does in my head and great to see things starting to happen.  I know number 4 and 5 weren't on my 1st diploma project mind-map so I need to re-evaluate that already.  Totally part of the design life-cycle so all good :-)

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