Saturday, 3 September 2011

Ethical clothes shopping

Got my ethical consumer magazine in front of me and here are the scores for different places to buy clothes (scores out of 20):
New Look (organic) 9.5
New Look 8.5
M&Co 8
GAP 7.5
Monsoon (fairtrade and organic) 7.5
Marks and Spencers (fairtrade or organic) 7
Peacocks 7
H&M (organic) 6.5
Matalan 6.5
Marks and Spencers 6
TK Maxx 4.5
Primark 3.5
Sainsburys (fairtrade) 3
Sainsburys 2
Tesco (fairtrade or organic) 1.5
Tesco 0.5
Asda 0
So obviously none of these places do particularly well ethically but there are some that are much better than others with the big supermarkets way down at the bottom.  I don't think I will find it too difficult to try and buy from charity shops for me but not sure I am going to fare with getting kids clothes.  Many of Indie's clothes come from lovely friends (thanks guys) but Zack doesn't do as well.  Anyway this stuff isn't supposed to be too easy otherwise everyone would do it.

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  1. It's a shame I don't live closer, Jamie 11, is nearly as tall as me I'm 5ft 8" and he has grown out of alot of his clothes (some I must say without much wear) I love getting clothes from relatives my daughter has faired well from a neice in the past but my neice is now in adult clothing despite being only 11 - height runs in the family! well done on all of the de-cluttering, I tidied out one of our rooms the other day but as yet have still to bag up so it is looking possibly worse for the effort - I feel at the moment like going through the whole house - I feel a carboot coming on! but I don't know if you agree but I feel much better for it.