Friday, 2 September 2011

It's the little things in life

Looking into changing my diet so I eat less wheat, dairy and gluten, I have been quizzing people and now have some great ideas and recommendations.  The lovely Louise is going to send me recipes for crepes and biscuits using gluten free flour and the lovely Lyndsey got me to try rye sourdough bread today (loved it!!) and oatcakes (don't like them!!) and recommended some books.  Amazing how all this great knowledge is out there without too much looking.
I also got home today to find lots of post half of which were catalogues which I never read so I have sent an email to them all asking them to take me off their catalogues lists.  Not a big life change I know but hopefully ever little thing can make a difference especially if we all did the same little thing.
My no shampoo hair experiment seems to be going well.  My hair is definitely looking a bit greasy but not as bad as I thought it would after 5 weeks of no washing .  Still loving the fact that my hair has more body and my scalp feels much better.  I am nearly at the start of week 6 and happy to keep going.
The start of my not buying new clothes or non-fairly traded clothes for two years was yesterday as was the start of  no more shopping at Tesco or Asda (not that we ever shopped at Asda anyway) for two years and all is going well LOL  I feel that maybe I should have made more of those two things yesterday but to be honest I haven't been to Tesco for about a week anyway and the last things I bought clothes wise were fair trade.  I want the no new clothes thing to help me make more use of my lovely sewing machine though so I am really going to try and not buy any new clothes at all even fair trade ones so watch this space.

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