Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Putting things off never makes it better!

I know why I haven't written here for a few days.  I try to persuade myself that it is because I am sooooo busy and I am indeed busy.

There are all Zack's parties - I tell you if anyone ever asks me if I am worried about the lack of socialising that my kids have because of being home educated I am just going to laugh hysterically.  At the moment I have concerns for my sanity with how to fit all the socialising that my children want to do into our schedule.  Trying to find a week to go and see my friends in Glasgow resulted in me consulting my diary and between the kids and my social life the first free week we had was November 21st!!!!

Anyway here I am am putting off what I came to this blog to do - my new healthy eating plan.  I want to do the deed and tell you folk what my vital statistics - the full horror of one of the reasons as to why I need to re-evaluate my eating and exercise habits.

Deep breath - here we go - I weigh 13 stone (82.5kg); my waist is 39 inches (99cm); hips 43 inches (109cm); thighs 23 inches (58cm) and breasts 43 inches (109cm.)  I am a size 14/16; 165cm and although I am more healthy now than say 2 years ago I do need to do something about my BMI being 30.3 which means I am technically obese.

So I am cutting down on dairy and wheat as I know I have intolerances to them and I am going to try and eat more intuitively.  I have tried this in the past but I am going to blog about this journey so hopefully this might be more successful.  I am not going to go mad about weighing myself and forever measuring my waist, etc because I do not think that is healthy mentally.  I am also not going to go on a diet because I want the changes I make to be sustainable.

I am glad that is out of the way!!!  Hopefully my next blog will be to show you guys pictures of where I have planted my fruit trees in the start of the forest garden makeover!!  Anyway lets end on a high with a picture of me in one of my new purchases from the local charity shops and another picture of the free food I gathered with my husband yesterday (some of the elderberries made it into the crumble we had for tea this evening!!)