Thursday, 1 September 2011


Well here I am sitting in my pyjamas at 10.45 when I am supposed to be tidying the house in time for my son Zack's 10th birthday party on Sunday.  That in itself is a scary thought - Zack turning 10 but that isn't why I came on here.  I was writing an account of how I ended up on a Permaculture course this August and what major life events had got me to that place and at the end of a very cathartic account of my life I ended up writing this and I just felt like sharing it with you lovely people out there.

Attending that Permaculture course in August was just the perfect addition to a fair few years of self-development and discovery.  I believe I have always been open to learning more about myself however painful and hope I will continue to do so until the day I die.  I want to stretch myself: to go beyond my comfort zone and really challenge my pre-conceptions and battle those non-beneficial patterns and habits that have been handed down to me by my forebears.  I want to find compassion for the planet, my fellow human beings and for myself.  I want to truly live without contributing to the destruction of the earth and I want to honour my friends, my family and myself by being the best person I can without any strings attached.  By the best I mean the greatest with all the blessings of those that went before me.  It doesn’t involve competition or superiority – it is a personal challenge that doesn’t take me away from others but brings me closer to everything and everyone.  That is my goal and my dream.  Life is a journey that is worth truly exploring, experiencing and investing in and I want it all.


  1. I don't know whether I am having a mid-life crisis! but I am learning more about myself as the years go on nothing sinister but just what makes me tick - you would think that at the age of 43 I would know myself pretty well but things are slowly beginning to dawn at long last or make sense! if that even makes sense? I hope that your permaculture course brings you all you wish as a person and heres to the journey and revelations! sorry google account still showing me as anonymous despite messing with it, Rosie.

  2. It did show my name after all, just have to figure out how I did it - that is one thing I know about myself not very into technology.

  3. Nice one Rosie. Would love to know more about how you are coming to your revelations. And remember alot of people make it to old age without knowing what makes them tick!!