Friday, 28 October 2011

I'm a bicarb babe and mushroom forager

Well I gave in this morning after nearly 14 weeks of not washing my hair with shampoo.  I washed it with a bicarb of soda solution as it was not looking like it was ever going to stop looking wet so that was that.  I am now a converted bicarb babe as it worked really well.  Not sure how often I am going to have to use the bicarb but will keep you informed as I go along.
Looking freshly hair-washed I attended my last acupuncture session.  It went well and was relaxing as ever but due to it being my last session I had to get them to take a picture of the needles in my back as I wanted to see what they looked like so here is the photo.

I then zoomed home and went on a mushroom foraging walk with Jesper which was brill.  I would highly recommend this bloke as he is fun, informative and great with kids  We found loads of mushrooms and had a great feast at the end of the afternoon.
Hopefully going to do some more walks with this guy over the next few years as he does herb walks and foraging stuff.  I now have a list of things that I need to do with the load of non-edible mushrooms we came home with.  We have loads of hoof mushrooms which can be used for tinder as well as dried out and used like leather (I could do with a new wallet after getting burgled last week!!)  We also have loads of the birch polypore mushroom which we used on the walk as antibacterial plasters and can be used as a knife sharpener and tinder.  Watch this space to see if we manage to use our collection of mushrooms for any of these things!!
We even found some elderberries on our walk which you can see in the mushroom photo above and we also collected some wood for our wood-burning stove.
And here is our first mushroom plaster made from one of the birch polypores we brought home.  Zack was most impressed (although you cannot really tell from this photo!!)  How cool that I got to show you that before I had even finished my blog entry and the plasters self-stick.
Anyway I am signing off to go and eat gluten free apple crumble made from our cooking apple tree crop which is nearly coming to an end :-(  XxX

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