Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Indie's cute spellings and we are now officially car sharing

I thought I would share Indie's cute spellings on my blog just because I can and they are cute.  My children are pretty much autocratic in their learning.  I don't really have that much input and I definitely don't sit them down and teach them spellings.  So here are some of the spellings that have recently appeared when Indie is messengering with people: "I hoppe that Jack will get bett.  He is the best prsun in the wud" "I hoppe you like hure bcus if you do not like hure it is a bit men."  That last word should be "mean" but I think the other words pretty much make sense.  The cutest one so far has been when she has been typing about going to the co-op which is our nearest shop she spells it "cowop."  I will try and keep you up-to-date with Indie-isms as they appear!!

The other exciting news is that Dave sold the car on Sunday and we are now officially car sharing with a family down the road.  This came about totally by accident but I really, really hope it will work out.  One of the advantages of home-educating is that most of our car use is during the day and outside of school holidays whereas the family we are sharing with have school children and most of their car use is during the evening and school holidays.  We have set up a Google calendar to coordinate the usage and will pro-rate all the bills, MOT, insurance, tax etc. based on the mileage.  I am really pleased not to be buying a new car and have already started using my feet and bike more as I become more aware of how much I rely on just hopping in the car rather than just planning a bit better and using my body to get me from A to B.  Will keep you guys up-to-date with how it goes!!

Have started clearing the allotment of the bramble problem today and hoping to have a celebratory bonfire tonight or tomorrow night.  Just need to plan out the allotment and the garden properly so we know what we are heading for. here we come!!!  Cannot recommend this software highly enough for making the job of planning what you are growing each year easy and fun.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hectic life - what's new?

Ok.  I was supposed to be posting way more often than this!!!  But as always life seems to get in the way.  At this precise moment I am supposed to be doing week 5 of my Open University (OU) Design course but here I am writing a blog post!!  I haven't eaten lunch yet because I have just had to capture 2 escaped chickens AGAIN.  There are a list of other things that I am supposed to have done today or yesterday or last week.  Does any of this sound familiar?
Let's turn it around though.  I have sorted out about 10 home ed outings for the coming months.  I have just captured 2 chickens and put them back in their coop.  I have got my daughter to have a long overdue bath this morning.  Over the last few months I have made a video of our family trip to see the Dr Who experience and Cirque de Soleil (see here); started my OU course and just about kept on top of the work load; tutored someone in maths so that their predicted grade is now higher than it was when I started; started my Shamanic Practitioner course and started the ball rolling with getting the electrics and kitchen conversion done on the house.  I have also enrolled on a PTLLS teaching course so that I can maybe do more tutoring, oh and I have been doing a pole dancing class!!

As part of my Permaculture Diploma I wanted to make sure that family videos and photos didn't just get lost in the digital ether out there where no-one will ever see them so I am really pleased with the video of our day trip to London.  I am hoping as I get more proficient with the software these will be become easier to do - the London one took me 4 hours!!  I still have one to do of a tobogganing day we had with our neighbours.

The Shaman and teaching courses are trying to get me to a place where I can get back into working and earning money but more flexibly than a 9-5 job.
The pole dancing was just another way of trying to get fit but in a fun way and I can say that it is fun but really, really hard work.  I haven't ached so much since I first started hula-hooping.
I have also been trying to get some Gaia University courses over here to the UK and the affiliated European Branch of Gaia called the GALA (Gaia Action Learning Academy) are doing some training courses in June that I am helping to organise.  If you want to know more visit here and pass on the information to anyone you might know.

The courses are:
Life Designing is a workshop designed to give you the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and tools to implement your visions and goals.  This course would be a good place to start if you want to kick-start your Permaculture Diploma where the Project Management course is more geared to starting a eco-business or Transition Town movement or something like that.
Integrative Project management - transferring the eco-social Permaculture way of thinking into project management - looking at how our organisational processes and our actual project results can be designed to manifest our Permaculture Ethics. We will explore how we can ‘obtain a yield’ to make ourselves, our projects & our organisations more effective through design.

So I have been busy - hence the no posting on my blog.  Glad I got this post done and now off to have some lunch!!