Monday, 2 April 2012

Skydive, allotment and ransom

Yep - that is correct - I did a static line solo parachute jump last weekend for a laugh.  I did injure myself (see below) which is a laugh as I had more injuries from the bramble clearing on the allotment the previous week! Thought it was quite funny that clearing the allotment is more dangerous than jumping out of a plane so thought I had to share.
Anyway the allotment clearing went well so we had a bonfire there last night with some neighbours.  We had s'mores and I took pens and paper so that people could write their wishes and/or things that they wanted to forget on paper and burn them.  It was good fun with lots of laughter, running, giggling and acting round the bonfire (see the collage photo to see the fun.)
Toasting marshmallows and Indie in the trailer ready to be cycled home.
So today I thought I should get on with planting my ransom which arrived in the post from a lovely friend yesterday.  I had always planned that it would go under the trampoline but that meant that some clearing needed to be done (as can be seen from these photos.)

I got going though and the result can be seen below with a large stack of kindling ready for the woodburning stove so I am very pleased.  I also had very happy chickens who got all the cleared vegetation.  There is still more to do but I am very happy with the start.

It was very therapeutic sitting under that trampoline clearing wood and planting ransom.  Can highly recommend it!!
Happy Spring everyone

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