Monday, 15 June 2020

Power - a shamanic practitioner's view

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Power is a tricky word. It’s linked to electricity such as with power lines or with the unit of power, the
watt. It is the rate at which work is done. Then there is the idea of having power within us, such as being empowered or having power over people or someone being in power such as politics (authority), sovereignty (‘the powers that be’), domestic abuse (power over others), etc. 

This can make it problematic when the premise of your business is based on the idea of bringing power to someone or giving them a power animal. What are power animals? What can they do for us? If I bring power back for someone does that mean they could abuse it or just give it away again? 

When I have a shamanic session with someone who hasn’t had shamanic healing before I always bring them back a power animal. It is a part of their soul that is now their link to the spirit world if they choose to learn more. However regardless of the shamanic path that animal is there to remind them of their power and to use it wisely. It is also a reminder that we are animals regardless of what we think. We are part of an amazing eco-system, the earth, and we are guardians of our planet. 

Sometimes it feels that we think we have power over the earth but we are so much more powerful working with the earth and those that live on it than trying to control it. I could talk about this so much more, but the important thing is that we are all powerful - with unique skills, views, compassion and so much more and if we use those skills and uniqueness for the benefit of everyone and everything the world would be a better place. That is what shamanic healing can do - it can bring balance, power and ultimately peace to everyone.

The Norwegian language has different words for power. ‘Makt’ relates to power in the form of might or force - control over people or manipulation. ‘Kraft’ means powerful or strengthening - being effective or flowing with power or energy and lifeforce. With regards to shamanic work and healing, kraft is allowing the Spirits to work and bring back power whereas makt is controlling and demanding rather than acceptance and is not the way to bring back power that is truly power-full.

No-one ever found inner peace or contentment from having power over people or by manipulating them or controlling them. I want everyone to be power-full so that we can all be peace-full. I want everyone to have the inner strength to be who they were truly meant to be. Then we would all know we are enough and we would see the world for the amazing, beautiful place that it is.

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