Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Poem about being essentially me

Compassion not division

Treacherous waters, rapids and stones unseen
The undercurrent, twisting and mean
Can I navigate these with no training
I feel out of my depth, afloat on uncharted waters
Should I stand and be counted, scrutinised at close quarters
This shit is so draining, explaining
I've done this forever, seen differently, acted outlier
Been a non-complier
But this isn't a thing, but it is
It doesn't make me different, but it does
I'm just me, I've always been me
I was never in a closet
I don't need to step out
But these words, these describers, these descriptors
Are holding me captive
Like a snake around my throat,
Do I really need to speak out?
Jump on a bandwagon that shouldn't even be there
Say who I am, declare
These words have trapped me, collapsed me
As I navigate an ever-changing vocabulary Undercurrents, treacherous waters
Too many shoulds, shouldn'ts, oughtas
And I'm left adrift
As a sense a shift
In me, that wasn't there before
That I just want to ignore, because
I abhor
That it has to stated - the need to show compassion and kindness
Which should just be a right for all, not a divider
Purely due to your gender, race, orientation or any other qualifier

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