Friday, 5 March 2021

Why autonomy is so important - creativity & diversity

Until I autonomously educated my children I didn't really know what autonomy meant to be fair. When I joined the thousands of people home educating when my DS turned 5 and didn't go to primary school, it became apparent that we were going to be a radical unschooling family, who autonomously educated or unschooled our children. 

Our children lived autonomously - deciding what they wanted to do, eat, when they wanted to sleep, what passions they wanted to pursue, etc. - all within the boundaries of our family unit: they self-governed as the Greek roots of 'auto' (self) and 'nomos' (law) stated.

I never thought that the idea of autonomy would become such an important value or ideal within my business. But it is because I want EVERYONE to be their best, intentional, amazing, unique selves. I want people to regain their power: be their own Emperor, Hero, Boss, Sovereign - as stated in some of the 'tag' lines I am now using in my business.

These 'tag' lines that are in the diagram above I believe come from my neurodiverse, dyslexic mind which I mentioned in my FB 'live' on 4/3/21 - (an exciting date by all accounts for a mathematical geek like me!) You can watch that on FB here or on YouTube here. To help my short-term memory issue I often help myself using alliteration, wordplay, acronyms and symmetry to help me.

These are some of my quirks along with my fascination with symmetry, palindromes, as well as my linking of interests in elemental work, the chakras, the directions (above) and puzzles. I also enjoy poetry, lyrics, harmonizing music and none of these things I do particularly well but that isn't the point.  

These are all important aspects of me and things that I often bring into my spiritual, healing work. By acknowledging and honouring these things in me and trusting that it is important for me to be truly me I feel that that allows me to honour you and those parts of you that are truly part of you when I do any healing work.

Owning your individuality or even our idiosyncrasies isn't always an easy thing to do, I don't think. But I think it is important. As Ken Robinson mentioned in his TED talk Schools Kill Creativity (or it might have been one of his other talks), creativity is one of humanity's natural resources and that as a species we are destroying it via our school system. 

Creativity is the way we all see the same thing but view it differently

Creativity is the way we can hear the same thing but experience it differently

Creativity is feelings arranged with words, sounds, colours, but different people who all experience things differently

Creativity is all our brains firing different neurons in different ways based on our experiences, our culture, our upbringing, our unique take on the world. 

Creativity is autonomy expressed. It is sovereignty expressed. It is diversity expressed. And vice versa!

We have to take back this autonomy/creativity and rediscover these self-governing rights that we have over our bodies, emotions, thoughts and higher power

I spent many years via my shamanic training and afterwards, retrieving power that I had lost at school, during my childhood, in unhealthy relationships, etc. That helped me realise my unique place in the world and that my neurodiverse, quirky, non-binary, geeky way of looking at the world was not only ok but was important, valuable and that I had a right to express myself authentically.

Don't get me wrong, I still have more power to reclaim and more things to learn. I also accept that not everyone wants to engage with my quirks. That's ok. You might not totally get what I am trying to explain here. That's ok. 

What isn't ok is people feeling that they can't take up their space in the world or that they have to hide who they are or they don't have anything to contribute.

Take back your sovereignty over your soul. Be the emperor of your emotions. Be the hero of your health and be the boss of your body. And feel free to do all those things your own way.

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