Thursday, 11 March 2021

Why is my business called Essentially Shamanic?

When I re-launched my business on the Autumnal Equinox in 2019 (23rd September - which also happens to be my Wedding Anniversary!) I wanted a name that captured the essence of what I did. 

I had been vaguely using the name Essentially Shamanic but the re-launch gave me the chance to re-evaluate. I obviously stuck with it.

I believed that it did capture not only who I was but also what I did. Even though using the word 'shamanic' can cause confusion for those who aren't aware of shamanism as a spiritual practice or what I do, I still felt that using it would elicit curiosity, could at least lead to an interesting conversation or could lead someone down an interesting Google rabbit hole of discovery.

Learning about, experiencing the healing power of, and ultimately training as a Core Shamanic Practitioner got me to a place where I was able to comfortably accept myself. It gave me back my essential essence and I then felt able to offer that powerful healing opportunity to someone else.

So why Essentially Shamanic?

'Essentially' because: 

  1. I want everyone to be essentially themselves
  2. I use essential oils to enhance the spiritual healing experience of my work
  3. I believe that I am essentially a spiritual being
  4. Shamanic healing brought me back to the essence of who I am

'Shamanic' because

  1. I am a Core Shamanic Practioner
  2. I use core shamanic healing techniques with my clients
  3. I am guided by my shamanic power animals and shamanic guides
  4. I use dreamwork in my business which is another way in which shamans believe the soul travels to the spirit world

If you'd like to find out more about how I can help be essentially you please book a free call

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